Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Fall Clinic Schedule

Routine Fall exams include flu/rhino vaccination plus deworming or fecal examination, an oral exam, and sheath cleaning.  Also this year consider Microchip!

To reserve an appointment, call 775 969 3495 with:

  • Your Name, Phone # and Clinic Date
  • Number of Animals, and Services requested.
We will return your call three days before your clinic with an estimated time of arrival at your address.  Please be sure horses are caught and haltered 30 minutes beforehand!

Location                                             Date

Rancho Haven/Sierra Ranchos1         Sat Sept 5
Rancho Haven/Sierra Ranchos2         Fri Sept 11
Red Rock North/Silver Knolls 1            Fri Sept 4
Red Rock North/Silver Knolls 2            Sun Sept 13
Span Springs/Palomino Valley 1          Sat Sept 12
Span Springs/Palomino Valley 2          Fri Sept 25
Antelope/Golden/Lemmon Valley 1   Sun Sept 6
Antelope/Golden/Lemmon Valley 2   Fri Sept 25  
South & West Reno 1                            Mon  Sept 14 
South & West Reno                               Sat Sept 26

Discounted prices ONLY AVAILABLE Clinic Day

Farm Call                                     $ 8.00
Wellness Exam (mandatory)    $12.00
West Nile                                     $32.00
FluRhino                                       $27.00
Rabies                                           $21.00
Tetanus/ Encephalitis                $18.00
Ivermectin Deworm                   $14.00
Coggins Test                                $27.00
Sheath Clean w/sedation           $45.00
Fecal parasite exam                   $18.00
Oral Exam (w/o sedation)         No charge!
Pre-registered microchip          $35.00


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