Thursday, April 1, 2010

4/1/2010 Protecting our Ecology

Vet tip of the Day: Homeostasis- Support the Water Wars
Today's vet tip isn't strictly about veterinary medicine, but it is about the most important concept behind practicing good medicine: Homeostasis.

Whenever I am treating a very sick horse, foremost in my mind is the concept of homeostasis, which is the natural balance of all the elements in the body which when present, produces a healthy organism.

This morning I received a call from a client who has been deeply involved in a fight in the area where I live to stop the exportation of dangerous amounts of water out of our delicate watershed by a land development consortium.  She asked me to post the following message on the blog on behalf of the Northern Nevada Citizens for Water Conservation.  For many of us, riding our horses in the exquisite high desert environment of Northern Nevada nourishes our souls in a manner that defies expression.  The exportation of water proposed by these developers threatens the homeostasis of this delicate ecological system.  Please read Helen's message and do anything you can to support NNCWC in their fight for our precious native ecology.

You are all probably aware that RRR LLC have filed an appeal to the

Nevada Supreme Court with regards to the Washoe County Commission's
decision not to allow them to export water from our valley.
RRR LLC has been denied this on three different occasions; at the
Community Advisory Board, Washoe County Commission, and most recently
in their request for a Judicial Review.
Northern Nevada Citizens for Water Conservation has organized and funded this
fight. We hired an attorney when the Judicial Review was requested, by
doing so we were allowed to have our testimony and concerns heard.
Legal fees have pretty much exhausted our funds. How far we have gotten
in our cause, on fundraisers and donations is remarkable.

NNCWC is working for everyone's water. We need money for round number
four, it's that simple. Please put your donation in perspective with
what you are at stake to lose; if your well levels drop and you are
forced to drill deeper, (hoping to find the diminishing water table);
how that will affect your property value or even your ability to
exist here...

One more thing, be aware that the State Water Engineer has been
severely chastised by the courts for allowing excessive water
exportation permits to the potential devastation of environments and
small rural communities. The message being that their interests are not
necessarily yours, nor are they looking out for you. Please help. Send
contributions to: NNCWC 448 Hill St Reno, Nv 89501.

To learn more about water issues in the West, log on to

Thank you,
Helen Mooney

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